Thaba MTB Trails


Thaba Trails are set in a 450 hectare nature reserve in the middle of the bustling city. This name alone should give you an idea of the trails waiting to be explored.


The trails are colour coded in yellow, green, blue and black indicating the ride difficulty. The 30km, more technical/challenging ride is now open. This ride is certainly JOHANNESBURG’S TOUGHEST MTB TRAIL with extremely exciting downhills on single track.

Yellow 1: for the beginner – This is a gentle non technical ride. Mostly Jeep track but with a little single track. A distance of about 6km.

Yellow 2: for the beginner now wanting to get more fit – This is a non technical ride, but longer and with more hills, more single track .  A distance of 15km.

Green: This route is a notch up on the difficulty rating scale, with some fabulous technical sections, including a few steep hills and sitting at 18km. This route has a mixture of everything; jeep track (very limited), single-track, rock gardens, tight twisty off-camber corners and some lung busting climbs.

Blue: Definitely for the experienced riders only.  NB….You ride this at your own risk.

Thaba offers night riding, see Thaba website for details.

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