Top riders tell us why CrankChaos 2019 is the place to be

Top riders tell us why CrankChaos 2019 is the place to be

With less than one month until the CrankChaos Early Bird packages close, we look at what South Africa’s top riders have to say about the event and why you should head out and grab your package today.

CrankChaos is mountain biking festival extraordinaire that takes place at the majestic Afriski Mountain Resort, situated in the heart of the Drakensberg-Maluti Mountains in Lesotho, from the 31 October – 3 November 2019. CrankChaos, one of the unique biking events on the continent, has fast become a staple on the Southern African mountain bike calendar, and a real test of any gravity and enduro junkies skills against their MTB idols.

So what do riders big and small across South Africa say are CrankChaos’s biggest draw cards…

Thomas Hesom, commentator, avid mountain biker and the all-round super rad guy says it’s a great way to rediscover your passion for riding: “CrankChaos has achieved a special balance between competition and camaraderie, everything is left out on the track and a real bond is formed between the Cranksters! It leaves you feeling like you have achieved something on a different level than having just completed a race, got a podium or claimed a title. If you need to rediscover what it is to have fun on your bike and meet some like-minded people, CrankChaos is the solution!”

Armand du Toit, South African marathon mountain biker, who took first place at the SA MTB Cup Series XCO in 2019 says there’s a little bit of everything: “It is an event for literally everyone! With such an exciting vibe and so many things to enjoy, even if you do not ride a mountain bike, everyone will have a highlight weekend! Get up, get out and enjoy the outdoors – Afriski never disappoints!”

Sabine “Beani” Thies, arguably of South Africa’s most exciting mountain biking talents, says it’s about having fun on the bike: “ People should attend CrankChaos to see what people look like if they are having real fun and not being too serious.”

Theo Erlangson, winner of the Elite category in the SA Downhill Championships says it’s got some European flair:  “It’s a one of a kind event in SA. Everyone comes from all over SA, so you get to see all the guys from the different provinces. Everyone stays close together and everyone is there for a good time. Nothing beats laps of the bike park with all the boys, all day. The closest you’ll get to European event in South Africa.”

Oli Munnik, a former professional, who is still well entrenched in the South African mountain biking scene says it’s perfect for riders, “looking for unique riding conditions.”

Frank Meyer, winner of the Sub-Vet Men’s category at the SA Downhill Championships sings the uplift’s praises: “It’s better than crying yourself to sleep wishing you were there.  Nah, it’s a great event at a great venue with great people.  If you were there once you will always want to go. Did I mention you have a ski lift taking you to the top of the hill? Exactly.”

Sharjah Jonsson, who rides for none other than Greg Minnaar Cycles, talks variety: “It incorporates all the different disciplines and is a really cool vibe. Can’t say you could have a better MTB festival in Southern Africa.

And Greg Minnaar himself says it’s all about the interaction… “There’s nothing like it! Internationally even, you know there might be one or two events that are similar where you get this amount of interaction for a similar period. This event lends itself to everyone interacting together and it’s great to meet up and coming riders. It’s just a great experience.”

Andrew “Needles” Neethling, a seasoned professional Mountain Bike Rider who has been a dominant force in the world of downhill for over a decade, rates CrankChaos as world-class: “I’d heard about it before but I was never able to attend and man what a cool experience. I’ve been to many festivals around the world and this is by far one of the most unique setups, locations and vibe.”

Conrad “The Caveman” Stoltz says events like CrankChaos are the future of MTB: “People are just out here having fun and I think that is the special thing about this event is that people are here for three or four days and you get to know just about everyone. You eat together, you party together and you ride together, all day every day. It’s not too focused on who is winning or who is the best rider, it’s about riding your bike. And I think it’s the future of our sport – getting people to enjoy what they do.”

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