“Tour Divide 2023: Follow Your Favorite Riders and Experience the Thrilling Journey”

“The Ultimate Adventure Begins: Tour Divide 2023 Edition – From Banff to Mexico Border”

The Tour Divide, renowned as the ultimate bikepacking event, draws hundreds of riders from around the world to Banff, Alberta, each year. Their goal? Conquer the daunting 2,700-mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, leading them southward towards the Mexico border. The diverse range of participants in the 2023 edition encompasses ultralight endurance racers striving to break the sub-15-day record and individuals embarking on a leisurely month-long expedition. With no prescribed formula for enjoyment, every rider embraces their unique Tour Divide experience.

Dotwatch the riders here:

http://trackleaders.com/tourdivide23: “Tour Divide 2023: Follow Your Favorite Riders and Experience the Thrilling Journey”

The anticipation for this year’s event is exceptionally high, following the cancellation of the 2020 edition and the modified version in 2021. In the previous Tour Divide, Sofiane Sehili claimed the top spot with an impressive time of 14 days, 16 hours, and 36 minutes. Ana Jager emerged as the first woman to cross the finish line, completing the journey in 19 days and 54 minutes. Celebrating their remarkable achievements, our friends Katie and Andrew Strempke secured the first singlespeed positions, with times of 19 days, 16 hours, and 11 minutes, and 16 days, 19 hours, and 12 minutes, respectively.

On Friday at 8 a.m., the excitement will reach its peak as riders embark on their exhilarating expedition towards the US/Mexico border. We commend all participants for their courage and determination in embracing this formidable challenge. The Tour Divide awaits, promising unforgettable moments and incredible accomplishments for those brave enough to take on the ultimate biking adventure.