Val Di Sole Mountain Bike UCI Events

Val Di Sole UCI Mountain bike World Cup

Val Di Sole Mountain Bike UCI Events

Val Di Sole UCI Mountain Bike Cross Country Downhill 4X world cup Red Bull. Mountain biking is back in Val di Sole, in Daolasa, Commezzadura, Trentino! Val Di Sole UCI Mountain Bike is a festival weekend. A hot summer in Val di Sole, thanks to the Val Di Sole UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2018… Val Di Sole offers three adrenalinic and spectacular days, where the top riders in the world will challenge each other on great tracks!

A long weekend of competitions between Downhill, Cross Country, and Four Cross, with the best specialists that will face off on trails outfitted ad hoc. Starting on Friday with the Four Cross World Championship, and continuing with the World Cup of the Downhill speciality scheduled for Saturday and ending Sunday with the World Cup of the Cross-Country speciality.

All around, the bike world in its most colourful and cheerful garb: a big non-stop party, with live music, shows and events on the side for thousands of athletes and spectators who will kick back, relax and celebrate this big event together.

the new style of MTB racing where 4 bikers race downhill on a prepared, BMX like, track, simply trying to get down first.


Length: 600 m, 90 m drop
About 100 of the world’s top athletes will battle it out right down to the very last jump on the spectacular Val di Sole track. The famous PRO LINE includes 3 long and challenging double jumps.
The 4X track in Val di Sole, built for the 2008 World Championships, is the longest track of the entire circuit where you can also see the riders as they try to overtake each other with acrobatic manoeuvres. Some of the jumps have been changed for the 2017 World Championships to make sure that riders will never forget this race.

a race against the clock in which the rider negotiates a succession of fast and technical passages

DH mountain biking has been in the (UCI) International Cycling Union’s calendar since 1993 and the world championships take place every year between the end of August and the middle of September. Downhill (abbreviated DH) is a mountain biking discipline that takes place along single timed runs on dh tracks with various difficulty levels. Dh riders can reach a speed of up to 80 km/h. Dh bikes must have specific characteristics including the following: full suspension bicycles, with 160 mm to 240 mm of rear suspension travel, handlebars are wider than normal mountain bikes, hydraulic disc brakes and tires with raised knobs.



The DH track in Val di Sole is known for being one of the most technically demanding tracks in the world with an average 22% slope gradient that along several sections reaches a 40% gradient. The track begins with a fast flow section with banks, a thrilling road gap and several jumps with a counter slope landing. From here the track enters right into the wood, where all the action and the most famous features of the Val di Sole track start: rocks, roots, elevated slope gradients and hair raising sections that cut right through the forest where every year thousands of incredible spectators literally hold their breath as they watch these amazing athletes race down the track at top speed. After the world champs, the track line has been modified and additional curves have been added to this 3.15 minute race where athletes reach the bottom of the track with an average speed of 40km/h. These athletes are just like race drivers on a track. The final section of the track called “the hell” hasn’t been changed at all, a wall of rocks and roots right before the Pippo Jump, where the most fearless will take a 20 m dive into the air. Guaranteed LIVE excitement!

the most common discipline of mountain biking, a mix of rough forest paths and singletrack

This classic mountain biking discipline is how it all started; an XCO race has a group start with all riders and then continues along a loop itinerary with a minimum 4 km length. The number of times that the track is repeated is based on the category of the race. Each year,
the tracks of this Olympic discipline become increasingly technical.




Length: 4000m, 160m drop

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