Vlakkenberg MTB Trail

Vlakkenberg MTB Trail

Bicyclegear.co.za is proud to announce the establishment of the Vlakkenberg MTB Trail. The trail has been built on private land above the Constantia Nek Estate in Hout Bay. It features a 600m cross country loop that will eventually become a 2.5km course.

Please be aware that the trail is being developed all the time. We are open to feedback that we might add, change or correct to the trail.


The Vlakkenberg mountain bike trail is named after the mountain on which it is built.

Positioned on a beautiful piece of land, the trail has amazing views into Orangekloof. The lie of the land means the trail is technical and challenging through all its A-lines. For the less experienced we have created a B-lines, which means the trail can be enjoyed by all.

The area is safe and far from the traffic which means families can park at Constantia Nek and ride to the trail, off-road.

Together with the support of the Pedal Power Association and Private Client Holdings, Bicyclegear.co.za has a vision to increase riding skills through a maintained and safe cross country mountain bike trail. It is open and accessible to all riders, the only requirement is that you register and pay R30 to use the trail and ride with a trail number plate when using it. The permit is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

The number plate also gives you free entry into the,”Bicyclegear.co.za Blowout!”. The monthly mountain biking event will cater for all levels of skills and fitness. There will be an A and B category. The A group will do four laps of the trail. The B group will do two.


When you buy your number-plate, we will send you an email with more information on the trail. We will ask you to supply us with information that will keep you safe on the trail. In the case of an emergency we will be able to contact relevant people and assist where possible.

Riders under-18 year will receive a permit for free, as long as a parent or guardian buys a full adult permit. If you would like to include an under-18 rider on your permit please email us once you have ordered and paid for yours. Email news@790tv.co.za

Under-18 riders will ride with there very own “young gun” Vlakkenberg MTB permit/number-plate.

Riding with the number-plate/permit has a number of benefits for the rider:

1. They will be showing support for mountain biking in Hout Bay.
2. Their unique number makes it safer for the rider on the trail.
3. We can cross reference their details with the number if they are unable to give us their details.
4. The trail will improve through budget becoming available from the permits.
5. Bragging rights by being part of an exclusive club.
6. 10% discount on all Bicyclegear.co.za cycling gear.

Please be aware that if you are caught riding the course without a permit you will be kindly asked to leave the trail. Monies collected from the permits will be put towards expanding and maintaining the trail.