WitSand Nature Reserve

Few eco-destinations in the Northern Cape are as scenic as Witsand Nature Reserve. The arid park teems with bird life, including Namaqua sandgrouse, sociable weaver and the minute pygmy falcon. Gemsbok, red hartebeest, springbok, duiker and steenbok are abundant on the reserve.

Saddle up your mountain bike to ride amid the towering white dunes (up to 60m high) dwarfing the blood-orange Kalahari sur­rounds. Sandy dirt roads wind through acacia woodland along the slopes of the Langberg ranges. There are dozens of kilometres of gravel road within Witsand, allowing you to explore to your heart’s content.

Contact Details

  1. Email: witsandkalahari@telkomsa.net
  2. Phone: +27 83 234 7573
  3. Website: www.mtbroutes.co.za