World’s first all-colour 100% reflective cycling jacket.

World’s first all-colour 100% reflective cycling jacket. You deserve to be seen on your bike at night.

Proviz is a cycle clothing brand that is dedicated to ensuring safety through visibility on the bike. Their range of commuter wear is so functional and stylish, you’ll want to be seen, day or night.

Impressed with their PixElite and Switch jackets for having feminine cuts, functional features and of course, massive visibility. So when Proviz announced they were launching the Reflective 360 CRS, we were all too keen to check it out.


The Next Generation Cycling Jacket – Delivered first to Kickstarter

We have the knowledge, expertise, supply chain and logistics channels already in place to deliver this type of highly innovative product. As a result of our experience in manufacturing the hugely successful original REFELCT360 range (reviews below), we understand how long the product will take to manufacture and when we will be able deliver it to all Kickstarters that wish to pledge and be one of the first to receive one of our new jackets.

How does it work?

The special material which the complete outer shell is made from has millions of tiny reflective glass beads embedded within it. When a vehicle’s headlights hit the jacket, the millions of beads reflect back the light to the light source, i.e. the driver, meaning the cyclist becomes a bright white beacon on the road ahead of the vehicle, so the vehicle’s driver can react in advance and manoeuvre appropriately.

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