York Adventure Club

The vast area of land owned by York Timbers is mainly situated in the heart of the Mpumalanga Scenic Route and is blessed with numerous rivers with waterfalls, natural indigenous forests amongst the commercial plantations as well as a variety of dams with charming names such as Cuddle Puddle.

This creates an environment offering scenic views, many different trails (mountain biking, hiking, jogging etc.) picnic spots and overnight facilities which deal for recreational use.
Near Sabie in Mpumalanga

Nearest Town:

Amount of Trails:


Difficulty Level:
Novice to Pro


Directions to trail:
Sabie Country Club, please purchase permits at Cyclejunkies Bike Shop, 94 Main street, Sabie

Contact Details

  1. Email: cyclejunkies@mweb.co.za
  2. Phone: 013-764-1149
  3. Website: www.bigmtbyear.com