Zackee Signal Gloves

Zackee Signal Gloves

Zackees introduces winter cycling gloves with turn signals built right in.

The winter gloves work like the fingerless ones did: a ridiculously simple system of two metal discs closes the circuit and sets the lights flashing. However it is smart enough a circuit to know when it is day or night, and adjusts the brightness accordingly.

I have learned to give up the traditional car-based right turn signal and just point in the direction I am going. And you really do get noticed with these gloves. I have actually found them most useful in the separated bike lanes, warning other cyclists of my intentions before they pass me at high speed, as so many do. zackees1

If I have one complaint it is the sizing; Zackee invests a lot of energy on their site making sure that you get the right size. And in fact, it works, they fit like a glove- if you are buying fancy Italian leather gloves. But that is too tight for cold climates, where you really want a little room in the glove; it is 32°F today and my fingertips were frozen after 15 minutes of riding. Get one size bigger than they recommend.

Some day I hope to look back and think how silly all this stuff was, the lights and vests and helmets. But right now, on a dark wintry night, they are nice things to have, and nobody misses the Zackees.

The video is unlike most of the ones you see; it actually shows the gloves being made in a Chinese factory, and makes it very clear that the CEO has personally inspected it for ethical worker treatment and fair pay. adapted from


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