12 reasons why there is nothing quite like riding a bicycle


12 reasons why there is nothing quite like riding a bicycle

There is nothing quite like riding a bike. I love the sounds of the different surfaces as the tyres ripple over the ground. The wind whistling past your ears, the sound of gears changing, especially when you drop down to a smaller cog, the clicking sound of the freewheel body when you roll down a hill or free ride on a single trail. The smell of the early morning before the sun crests the bounds of the earth. The sounds of the bush as you ride through the transition of twighlight into darkness.

What I love most about cycling is the freedom and the sense of flying, of being completely in the moment. I am not exactly sure of when my love affair with cycling first started but from an early age we had bicycles and I do recall my Mom calling us to come in to bath and have dinner as the sunset over the backyard, we had sculptured a trail between the fruit trees and would spend hours riding and racing this track. We would ignore the calls to dinner until the tone in my Mom’s voice changed to that last call when we knew we had to stop.

Cycling has always made me happy. I can remember my first “racing” bike, I had to pay for half of it and did numerous chores until I had saved up the money and we could go off to the general dealer to collect the shiny silver raleigh “racing” bike, that was easily the highlight of my childhood. My boyfriend at the time rode a “chopper” which made him the coolest catch on the block. Bicycles and cycling have been intimately woven into all stages of my life, and anyone who rides a bicycle can relate, you don’t just ride a bicycle you LOVE cycling. Your profile pictures, facebook, instagram, clothing, christmas wishlists, google search history, sports channels, screen savers, tool boxes, photo albums, holiday choices, car choices, need I go on, are all about CYCLING!

If you are not in love with cycling yet, here are 10 reasons why there is nothing quite like cycling.

Catching the early morning Sunrise
The marvel of an early morning sunrise.

Mtbapp sunrise

Sleeping Under the Milkyway

There is nothing as beautiful as the African night sky, sleeping under the Milkyway with stars from horizon to horizon.


Fresh and Friendly Faces

Socializing with a constant stream of new people exposes you to fresh ideas and challenges you re-think the way you live.

Teresa Coetzee wine2whales

Fresh Air and Exciting Trail

Exploring new and exciting trails and some days just riding to explore.


Trials and Tough Times

Yes, suffering really does build character.



Unpredictability and Travel off the Beaten Path

You will plan holidays and adventures in parts of the country you have never been to. The best is if you have to get there over a mountain on a dirt road.


Pushing yourself to your Physical Limits

Cycling will provide you with a keen understanding of your strengths and the areas that have potential for growth. It will some days humble you, but mainly you will be in awe of what you are capable of doing; physically and mentally.

 Inner Discovery
With thousands of hours spent hunching over your handlebars, you’ve got plenty of time to contemplate life.The steady turn of the wheels induces an almost meditative state that helps you focus on what really counts in life.


Being real 100% of the Time

No masks, no pretending, just real hard fun.

 Coffee Shop Stops
The coffee, the chats, normally about riding, racing, components and new adventures.


Magical Moments

Colours, sounds, smells… just being.


Freedom and the Sense of Flying

Cycling makes you feel free, there is nothing as liberating as playing on the single trails all morning. I love the freedom and with the wind blowing past you, feels like flying.


This summer GET OUT, go for and bicycle ride and be free. You will fall in LOVE.

All images taken by Des Lee of Mtbapp.