6 Reasons why Adventure Sport beats Stress

6 Reasons why Adventure Sport beats Stress

These days there are a lot of reasons to feel stressed. Last minute deadlines, endless meetings, early mornings and big presentations… with all of this weighing on you, it is easy to let stress get the best of you. There is one way you can overcome it though, and that is through adventure sports. Here are a couple of reasons why adventure sports, such as the Hollard JUMA – a mountain bike race on your doorstep – are the best for beating stress.

It’s Good for the Heart

One of the most significant parts of your body affected by stress is your heart, and one of the key benefits of adventure sports is that it takes you one step closer to having a healthier heart. Studies show that those who indulge in adventure sports are less prone to suffering heart attacks because exercise reduces your stress and anxiety, which in turn reduces your blood pressure levels, which reduces the risk of heart attacks.

It Gets you into Nature

The buzzing of people, cars zooming down the street and bright flashing advertisements are all part of the urban environment. The constant stimulation puts stress on our brains. Adventure sports, such as the Hollard JUMA allow you to experience a different side to your city. The side where nature and the city come together. Out there, your attention is gently captured, calming your nerves instead of frazzling them. Findings suggest that spending time in the outdoors reduces both physical and psychological stress levels.


It Makes you more Zen

Adventure Sports can push you to your physical and mental limits. Feats such as riding down a technical trail can actually change the chemical makeup of your brain. When this happens, you become more capable of staying calm and centred during stressful situations. In other words, adventure sports can make the rest of your crazy life easier to manage.

It Gives you a Rush

Both men and women find that the adrenaline rush they experience while participating in adventure sports is a stress reliever, and it becomes a way of coping with life’s stresses that impact on our minds and bodies every day. It gives you an outlet for all sorts of pent up energy you might have in you that you are not able to express anywhere else. The heart-pounding rush you get from participating in adventure sports is one of the best things you can turn to for a guaranteed de-stressing session.

It Breaks the Monotony

Life can sometimes become a daily grind. Going to the same places, seeing the people and having the same experiences doesn’t make for a very fulfilling life. Trying something new or going on an adventure in your city breaks you away from your daily responsibilities and routines and makes you feel more connected to where you live.

It Makes You Happier

Participating in adventure sports can quite literally turn that frown upside down. Once you go on that ride, your brain starts producing dopamine, which is the chemical that keeps you happy. And who doesn’t love being that little bit happier?

At this point, you might be thinking, where exactly can I do an adventure sport in the middle of the city? Well, we have the unique advantage of living in the world’s biggest urban jungle. The Hollard Jozi Urban Mountain Bike Adventure (Hollard JUMA) in partnership with Joburg City Parks and Zoo is Jozi’s most exciting urban mountain biking adventure, starting & ending at Marks Park, Emmarentia on Sunday, 25 August 2019. The event offers a 10km, 22km, 54km and a 72km Punisher route and is the perfect opportunity to pedal the stress away.

Ticket prices are R115 for the small kiddies 1 or 2km race, R172 for the new 10km race (perfectly suited for youth or novice riders), R229 for the 22km, R401 for the 54km and R574 for the 72km Punisher. And if you enter a Tribe of 4 or more people, you’ll get 20% off. Hurry up and book your place now, visit www.joziadventure.co.za to enter.