Cape Epic powers into Stage 1 Womens

Cape Epic powers into Stage 1 Womens


Annika Stage 1 of Cape Epic is always super tough, 1st real stage us always a tough, with lots of climbing, happy to come out on top.

Our team is still needing some fine tuning, we each had moments when we had to ask our partners to hold back a bit, but it is going well.

Anna I expected a hard race and it was a long day and learning to pace yourself for such a long hard stage is important. Really special to put the leaders jersey on, riding with Annika is real special.

Adelheid it was a really hard race from the beginning, a ling stage but we are looking forward to the next stage. Team dynamics were good with deciding who goes down the technical sections first and how to push on the climbs.

Candice we came into the race with the goal of being on the podium, we happy with 2 stages two podiums. The riding around Hermanus is always top class.

Ariane it is always very special, the epic gets harder every year and i am not getting any younger. This is our first mountain bike race together, i had to hold Maja back a bit, its still a long race, but she is very bright and has already started to adapt to the dynamics of mtb racing.

Maja It was a damn long day in the saddle, the pace was hard from the start. I am happy to jave Ariane she know how to keep pace, we sometumes held back to stay at our pace and then chased on the downhills. Its awesome to be on podium, we happy to be so close behind Annika and Anna, Candice and Adelheid were on our necks all the time.

Sam Long day and hard start, we are riding within our limit, still 6 days to go, we finished comfortably.

Amy it was a lot of fun the amount of effort that went into the trails was amazing. Its a long race we keeping it steady, to finish first you have to finish all the stages. We really good at the technical stuff and the trails made it a lot of fun.

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