How to easily change your saddle angle and position

The Saddle Position App helps you record and replicate saddle angle and setback position, useful if you’re changing your saddle or experimenting with your position on the bike.

Cycling In A City Is Always Good For You, Despite The Pollution, Research Claims

The benefits of physical activity from walking or cycling in cities will always outweigh the risks of air pollution and injuries, scientists say

#commutescount Strava Bike to Work Day 10 May

Be a part of the Global Bike to Work Day Challenge is ride from point A to point B on May 10th and upload your trip to Strava, get better planning for cities

Shocking new developments, Speeding on Strava – banned from trail

Strava data has been used to ban mountain bikers from a park trail after cyclists posted data showing them riding at speeds in excess of 32 km/hr.