NavWorld breaking glass ceilings

“We’ve noticed the keen interest as well as the stronger pro-ladies field and want to use this as an opportunity to celebrate participation and amplify the awareness of female participation in cycling”. Bezhoek Extreme

Italian wheels roll into SA market

From the end of May, South African consumers will have access to top-quality wheels produced by Italian manufacturer Gipiemme following a deal brokered by Positive Sports Solutions to become the sole distributor in southern Africa. Picture: Supplied

SPANK Industries launches what is possibly one of the biggest innovations in rim engineering...

The new SPANK SPIKE 350 Vibrocore™ for Downhill and Free ride and the SPANK OOZY 350 for Trail, All Mountain and Enduro.

Foot Fit App

Strava Clubs new Events Feature for iPhones

Strava says club administrators now have the ability to create events right from the Strava app and post event details with other club members

Shimano releases E-Tube app update to fine tune Di2

Shimano has announced the availability of the latest version of its E-Tube app, which now allows users to customise Di2 functions wirelessly through Bluetooth-enabled tablets and mobile devices.

Zackee Signal Gloves

Cycling kit and “smart fabrics” made from Silkworms

Scientists have discovered that silkworm larvae can spin a blend of silk that is both super strong and electrically conductive, opening a new door into embedded electronics.

Cape Town ponders viability of local bicycle assembly and manufacture

Cape Town powers ahead with cycling infrastructure, trails, tourism and billions in cycling tourism income while the DA slams on brakes in Johannesburg!