Karoo GravelGrinder Series

Karoo Gravel Grinder

Karoo GravelGrinder Series

The Karoo GravelGrinder, a 3 day, social, cycling and culinary experience you can share with a group of colleagues or friends. The routes are designed to accommodate gravel, cyclocross and mountain bikes. E-bikes are also welcome.
We’ve settled on around 60km per day , it’s long enough to be a challenge but short enough to leave you with some energy to enjoy the afternoon. In addition we have shorter options on the same route if so desired

  • 3 days and nights
  • Spectacular Swartberg Pass
  • The Great Karoo expanses
  • Different terrain each day
  • Remote gravel roads and tracks
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Local cuisine and great wines
  • Fully supported
  • Your own group – great social
  • Runs throughout the year
  • Non-Rider companion packages available with daytime entertainment and touring

Karoo GravelGrinder 18-10-2018

TypeMountain Bike
DateThu 18 October 2018

Karoo GravelGrinder 14-12-2018

TypeMountain Bike
DateFri 14 December 2018

Karoo GravelGrinder 27-12-2018

TypeMountain Bike
DateThu 27 December 2018

Karoo GravelGrinder 21-03-2019

TypeMountain Bike
DateThu 21 March 2019

Karoo Gravel Grinder

The Swartberg Pass is a spectacular climb and is fairly tough, but achievable for the average rider. It’s basically 9km up and then 21 km down to Prince Albert, an unforgettable experience and well worth any discomfort you experience on the climb.

Route for Day Two:

Up early, good coffee and rusks, then a scenic 25km along the northern foothills to Weltevrede Fig Farm where breakfast awaits you. It’s a passage back in time, no cell reception, no electricity, gravity fed water to irrigate the farms, an isolated beautiful place, removed from the bustle of the world beyond.

You can spend more time on the farm and go back in the bus, or twiddle the 25 km back on your bike, making it a 50km day.

Route for Day Three

Option One:
Depending on the groups travel arrangements and their state of repair after the previous night’s party we offer two choices.
A downhill desert run of around 40 km, no uphills whatsover, desolate Karoo plateau’s with the Swartberg range as the backdrop. A minor descent down Tierberg pass, if you lucky you will see, horses, sheep, cattle, eland, giraffe, sable antelope, klipspringers, kudu and springbok. You will definitely see windmills, game fences and thorn trees.
Option Two:
If you are feeling tough you can attempt the northern ascent of Swartberg Pass which is very different from the southern ascent you experienced 2 days previously. The great thing about it, is that if you’ve had enough, you simply turn around and it’s downhill all the way home. Climbing to the Top involves 1000m of ascent over 21 km, it’s tough and not for everyone. There are plenty of places along the way to rest-up, enjoy the view and decide if you want to continue or head back.
Below is a video of a client who wanted to explore the climb and the town before he brought his group through.