Sizzling hot racing by Songo Specialized

Annika We worked out that we ride better when we get away from the others. So we said maybe we do that today then we got out there and Anna just went.

Anna chatting to the camera man ‘It was a rough day for you out there today on the motor bike’

Maja i was so happy to get cold water at the feed zone cause the bottles were so hot

After 45km I felt ok. And we went.

Ariane it was very hot so I enjoyed the forest sections. The weeks leading up yo epic have been cool so today was a bit difficult.

Adelheid Hydration was a big issue today, I drank the first bottle within the first 5km and then had nothing till first water stop. Hydration packs might be needed for the really hot days as teams innovate to deal with limiting time gaps and also adaquate hydration throughout a stage.

Candice i look forward to having a good sleep after Epic. To come second on a bad day we very happy with that. The specialized girls came with a vengence today and I knew they would.

Nino awesome day for us, we expected some attacks for the stage win. Towards the end it got quiet hard as teams raced for the stage. Stellenbosch is a beautiful place to ride mountain bike. The partnership Lars is only 25 years old but he has had an awesome Epic.

Lars until yeaterday i had alot of fun and today I was suffering. Its awesome to ride with Nino I have learnt from him.

Nino anything can happen in a mountain bike race, only after tomorrow will we say we have won.