I did the biggest Frontflip ever with a Downhill bike at DarkFEST….so I’m the happiest dude on the planet right now!” – Bienvenido Aguado.

Stellenbosch, SA –26 May 2021- DarkFEST just landed itself in the history books when Bienvenido Aguado landed a 100ft Frontflip on the biggest jump on the course. There was something in the air when Spanish wildman Bienve dropped in during one of the main days of riding when the weather was just right, and the vibes amongst the riders and media were that perfect mix of excitement and nerves about what was about to go down. 

After calling the trick suddenly, the media crew had a minimal amount of time to scramble to the middle of the course and capture the record-breaking jump, which goes down as the longest dirt-to-dirt Frontflip ever landed. The previous record was held by Canadian Tom Van Steenbergen, who landed a 70ft Frontflip in 2014 and hasn’t been broken since.

“It’s something I’ve been waiting for for so long, especially since last Darkfest when we couldn’t attempt it because it was too windy. But this time, it was the time, so I’m the happiest guy on the planet right now!” — Bienvenido Aguado

The invite-only event combines the most fearless Freeriders with the biggest dirt jumps on the planet and always delivers an unbelievable week of pushing the progression of Freeriding and what’s possible on a Mountain Bike. Sam Reynolds, the creator and protagonist of DarkFEST, pulled the whole event together in a matter of weeks after travel restrictions eased, and the athlete roster reads like a list of who’s who of Freeride, plus some new names that added a spicy touch to the line-up.

“So we just had a new world record landed at Darkfest, and I couldn’t be more stoked for Bienve on his unbelievable feat! We build the biggest jumps in the world, and this is why we do it, so we can all push each other to go as big as possible!” — Sam Reynolds 

DarkFEST is designed and run by the riders for the riders. It highlights the world’s best Freeriders digging and hitting the biggest jumps possible on a bike. The prizes are rider-voted and are given to the winners following a week of jam-format riding. 

Complimentary high-resolution images are available for media outlets on request.

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