Fernhill Frenzy 2020 Wild Mass Start to Crazy Mountain Bike Race in New Zealand

Fernhill Frenzy

The wildest mass start of the year in Queenstown, New Zealand that gets a bunch of wild locals and pro riders such as Georges Brannigan, Wyn Masters, Dean Lucas and Conor Macfarlane to race against each other for fun. This year Fabien Cousinie started at the back and made some spicy block passes along the way.

If you wonder why everyone was grabbing a piece of pine, pine trees in Queenstown are threatening the local biodiversity and need to be cleared out of the hills so each rider had to bring one piece to the finish line. Thanks to everyone behind this awesome event!

first published https://www.pinkbike.com/news/video-wild-mass-start-mountain-bike-race-in-new-zealand-fernhill-frenzy-2020.html


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