Get Out There Bikepacking The Great Divide

I have followed Ryan Van Duzer for some time now, his adventures bikepacking offer an intimate peek into his positivity and openness as he explores and meets trail angels and travellers along the routes he explores. He comes across as a genuinely good guy and has a posse of followers, some of whom even camp out along the Divide route in hope of connecting with him reciprocating his enthusiasm and generosity.

Image from Ryan van Duzer

Ryan’s moto is “Get out There” and if you are not extremely motivated by the beautiful scenery of him riding up breath-taking mountain passes or across grasses planes in a rain and hail storm, or camping under the milkyway with a billion stars shining down or swimming in secret lakes nestled at the top of Tahoe, If this does not tickle your sense of adventure then nothing will.

Image From Ryan van Duzer

In July 2020 Ryan set off on a new bikepacking adventure riding The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, he teased followers with Instagram posts when signal permitted and left all his fans waiting for his first video on his You tube Channel.

His month long adventure down the Divide is shared with John and Mira, who we met on the Baja Divide, Mira is wildly famous, a bikepacking dog, and has an adoring fan base on instagram. Follow her here.

image Mira and John

Kevin affectionately known as ZigZag Kev, who is relatively new to bikepacking (but not to adventuring) joined the trio and did amazingly well in keeping up with these seasoned bikepackers. He provides a behind the scenes take of the adventure, catch his you tube channel here.

Image Kev

The last bit of his journey Ryan’s best friend Dana joins him, also a Boulder native, they are often off adventuring together on their bikes.

Image Dana

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is definitely a bucket list item for me and I loved seeing the route through Ryan’s journey.

Take a moment a watch his series on the Great Divide.

Here is Ryan’s Youtube Channel – subscribe and watch

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