Keen on a challenge join Ariane Luthi cycling for community

Ariane Luthi

Tighten your laces and get ready! I call on all my cycling friends to come together to support the South African community of Kayamandi in Stellenbosch during the Coronavirus crisis by joining me for the #EpicSolidarity challenge: 647km, – the distance of the 2020 @capeepic that never was, in one month. To enter the Strava Club and stand a chance of winning a 7-day luxury holiday at the @radissonbluhotelandermatt offered by @andermatt_swiss_alps you need to donate ZAR200/CHF20/€20/$20 to the @songoinfo charity. This will buy a meal pack that feeds a family of eight for a week. The challenge will start on Friday 10th April and end on May 10th 2020.

To Donate do it HERE

How it works:
• Make sure you have an active @strava account. If you’re on lockdown, make sure your indoor trainer can measure distance and that you can upload the data to Strava.
• Follow the link to make a donation directly to
• On the GivenGain platform, fill in your email address and mention your Strava user name as well as the hashtag #EpicSolidarity in the comments section.
• Go back to Strava and send a request to join the #EpicSolidarity Strava Club.
• The winner of the prize from @andermatt_swiss_alps will be announced in the week of 11 May 2020

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The programme

Our educational and sport programme supports the Kayamandi community. This township is a dense combination of shacks and small houses. There is a high level of unemployment; many of the folk who are lucky enough to be employed are in informal or casual positions, which makes them particularly vulnerable during lockdown because they will not have money to buy food.

Amongst the parent group, specifically, the majority were required to take unpaid leave for the duration of lockdown. Many will not have jobs to go back to.

We are partnering with the Pebbles Kitchen to provide each family with enough basic ingredients to feed a family for a week. The cost of each pack is around R200 (a little over $10), and we foresee the need to be assisting with this well beyond the lifting of lockdown.

A well-nourished community has a better chance of being resilient to the onslaught of this highly contagious virus. 

While the programme is focused on education, sport and life skills, we cannot ignore the extra layers of crisis that averting the pandemic will deliver. Ensuring that the families have food is a small practical step that we can take. 

Thank you for helping us to make that happen.


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