Thirsti for the Cape Epic

Thirsti will be keeping the riders hydrated at the Cape Epic, this is the story behind the origins of Thirsti.

Rob Hoatson MD of THIRSTI

What is the story behind the origins of the THIRSTI water business and when was it set up?

Our story is as unique as our water. It began in the early 90’s – a woman named Anneriet Van Niekerk discovered a special kind of water from a natural spring, nestled amongst the indigenous forests on the slopes of the Klein Drakensberg. This water was untouched and contained a taste that only nature could master.

Fast forward many years, and production started in 2015 with our natural and sparkling spring waters, and with a quest to share our wonderful thirst-quenching spring water far and wide. Using all the very best that Mother Nature has to offer, we’ve extended our product range to include the Flavours range as well as the energy drink Isofit+.

Our philosophy: Drink Clean. Real Goodness means that our water contains no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colourants – no artificial anything! Just Real Goodness in every drop.

Prior to setting up THIRSTI, what were you doing?

I was in forestry and saw milling – our business on the farm. We farmed beef, timber and nuts. Infact, at least once a week, you’d find me with my hand in the rear end of a cow checking her pregnancy progress!

As the Founder and Director of THIRSTI, what do you consider your primary areas of responsibility?

Firstly: Our staff. Without them, we wouldn’t have a product to begin with. There’s a large amount of the Thirsti crew that are still with us five years in and for that I cannot fully express my gratitude.

Then our customers: Because without them we’d be nothing. Simple as that.

Lastly would be to protect our source – because the mountains are where our water comes from. In this regard, we registered our source as a private nature reserve – so that no one can touch it for 100 years.