Why do we slow down after age 50? Or do we?

Andrew Mclean, famous South African cyclists who has participated in multiple Cape Epic’s (Amabubesi) and been on the podium in his category numerous times does not seem to be slowing down. Joe Friel training guru discusses strategies to mitigate the effects of physiological aging.

Why do we slow down after age 50? Is it our age? Or something entirely different? In this episode, best-selling author, Training Peaks co-founder and one of the original endurance coaches Joe Friel joins us to talk about fitness and performance as we age. The evidence shows that while there are things that change as we get older, most of what is affecting our performance can be overcome through the right training. If you (or your clients) have been blaming age, this is an episode that could be the launching pad to new opportunities!

Joe Friel training guru provides insights into training after 50.

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Fitness Performance beyond 50

Andrew Mclean

image by country life magazine.