‘On the ride in Africa, I realised that I could do anything’ Founder of Apidura


When Tori Fahey took a year out to go cycling, little did she know her hatred for panniers would lead her to start up her own company.

When Tori Fahey packed in her job and embarked on a journey across Africa on her bike, what started as a hiatus from real life became the catalyst for an entirely new beginning.

Interview with Tori Fahey

Fahey not only rode across Africa, a 12,000-km (7,500-mile) trip that took four months and traversed Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, but she also raced solo and unsupported the 4,200km from Banff in Alberta to Antelope Wells in New Mexico on two wheels, taking everything she needed for the trip with her.

“I realised how little I needed and how to let go of material things. I had a real tendency to cling to things, various types of safety blankets, but I realised very quickly what I did and didn’t need. It was a very liberating experience, you have to figure things out on the fly and when you start to deal with the problems that come up, it’s really, really rewarding to realise you can do anything.”

So, in 2013, Apidura was born, producing storage solutions for people looking to travel the world by bike, race across continents and carry all they need to do so.